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AeroTex GmbH

AeroTex GmbH was established in 2018, in Vienna, Austria. The company is a consultancy focused purely on the issue of in-flight icing. Despite being a young company,  it contains a significant amount of experience. AeroTex GmbH has full usage rights for the suite of analysis tools developed by AeroTex UK LLP, which have a demonstrated capability spanning many years. Our capability includes ice detection and protection systems, numerical analysis, icing wind tunnel test support and certification support.

Our staff

Richard Moser, Managing Director

ARAeS, MEng (Hons)

Richard has been involved in aircraft icing for over 19 years, working on a wide range of projects, including fundamental research (Super-cooled Large Droplets, SLD), civil jet transports (Boeing 787) and rotorcraft (Merlin and Apache). He has been heavily involved in both the development and application of several icing codes (2D and 3D), and has taken part in many icing wind tunnel test campaigns, including acting as Trials Manager, in some of the worlds major icing test facilities. He has also participated in natural icing flight trials for the Merlin and Apache helicopters. Richard is recognised internationally within the aircraft icing world, having organised and chaired sessions for both AIAA and SAE conferences. He has been an independent aircraft icing consultant since 2007.


Bernhard Reinholz, Aircraft Icing Engineer


Bernhard has just finished his studies in aerospace engineering. In his final thesis project, he derived a concept for increasing the maximum airspeed at the Icing Wind Tunnel in Vienna using analytical and numerical methods. Additionally, he was involved in icing tests of wings and engines over the last two years conducted at RTA. Before that he was part of the railway research group at Munich University of Applied Sciences working on the prediction of brake habits and high efficiency concepts.


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