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Ice Protection System Design Engineer / Researcher

Water can exist in a super-cooled state (below 0°C) in the atmosphere, and this water can freeze on aircraft components in-flight. This can cause performance loss (loss of lift, increase in drag, inhibition of probe function) and ultimately lead to an unsafe flight condition. AeroTex is involved in a wide range of activities related to icing, from fundamental research into icing physics, through design and application of icing analysis numerical tools, testing in icing wind tunnels and natural icing and support to aircraft certification. We work with a wide range of customers, including other consultancy firms, ice protection system manufacturers and airframers.

We are currently looking for a new member of our expanding team. The role will mainly be focussed on the development on new numerical methods for icing simulation. The aim is to improve methods applied for 3D simulations, but this will also involve initial work on 2D methods which can then be extended to 3D. The candidate will have the opportunity to participate in icing wind tunnel testing as part of the role, as well as applying the design tools to real-world applications.

The role is based in Vienna, Austria. The working language at AeroTex is English, and no knowledge of German is required. Support will be provided to learn German if that is desired. No previous knowledge of aircraft icing is required.

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Please submit your application documents, including CV and introduction letter, to jobs(at)aerotex.at.

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