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Icing Wind Tunnel Testing

Icing Wind Tunnel (IWT) testing can form an integral part of research, product development and certification. AeroTex staff have tested in many of the world’s major IWT facilities performing a wide range of different tasks, from fundamental icing physics experiments to system prototype testing and finally the generation of data in support of certification.

IWT facilities vary in their capability, be it test section size, maximum speed, temperature range or the ability to simulate altitude. The correct choice of facility is an important first step for an IWT test.

AeroTex staff have performed IWT tests at the following facilities:

Being located in the same city, AeroTex have developed a good working relationship with RTA, and we are both currently involved in a major research programme.

RTA Icing Wind Tunnel

As part of our extensive IWT testing experience, we often collaborate with other organisations to enhance the overall capability. One example of such a collaboration is with the Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences (AIIS) who offer 3D scanning capability to be able to accurately record ice shapes at the end of a test run.

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